Ovidrel Out of System

I knew it was too early to test for pregnancy only being a week or so into the two week wait but I was curious to see what the result would be due to the Ovidrel. The test came out negative so I assume that the hcg from the trigger shot has gotten out of my system. This also means that when I test again and if it comes out positive, it’s from pregnancy not from the trigger shot.

Regardless, it was still a little sucky to see that all too familiar negative blank test…

I’m still experiencing symptoms but most can be attributed to PMS. I still have full tender breasts and sore nipples (though I have noticed that they aren’t as bad as they usually get before my period). I have an increased appetite but no more cravings, though now nothing really looks good to me. I still have quite a bit of creamy lotion like cervical mucus and I keep checking if I’ve started my period sooner than expected because I keep feeling wet. I have some light cramping but nothing like my period cramps.I am having some mood swings but nothing too over the top – I don’t think…

The weirdest symptom thus far is the constipation. I also have a weird pain/pressure in my rectum but only when I have to go to the bathroom. It’s not really too painful, I just can’t really push because that’s when I feel it.

I’ve read that it could be a symptom of an ectopic pregnancy but usually it doesn’t happen until around 5 weeks or so. But I also read somewhere else that a few women have felt that as an early pregnancy sign and had healthy pregnancies. This is the problem with all of us being so different – I’m not like every one else and neither are you so we can’t always go by what other women went through.

If this is still happening next week when I test, regardless of the result, I’ll let my specialist know. I’m planning on testing Wednesday and each day after until my period shows or I get a positive result. If after another week I have yet get either, I’ll call the doctor.

One other thing to note, I’m also having some extremely weird vivid dreams which I also know could be a sign of pregnancy, though vivid dreams aren’t uncommon with me. It’s just been happening a lot more frequently the last few days. And holy cow are they strange!

A little background: I did have two friends living with my husband and I for about four months until they decided to move out. It was a friend and his pregnant girlfriend and we were doing it to help them save money for their own place.

In my dream, I can’t remember why but I ended up getting very angry at the girlfriend and kicked them both out. They kept coming back for their stuff, purposely not taking everything each time so that they had to keep coming back. Each time they came back, the more hostile and mouthy the girlfriend would get.

Eventually I told our friend that he was allowed to come back for their stuff but she was not. If she came back with him, I’d call the police and that the next time he came, he was to get all of his stuff or else the rest would be thrown out.

This made her even crazier and she did come back, though she didn’t come in the house but she kept taunting me. Apparently I was pregnant and she kept saying stuff like “I hope your baby dies”…all the while she’d laugh maniacally with an evil grin on her face.

I started to chase her and she turned into this giant wingless dragonfly (that could still fly) and she’d attack me and bite at me, laughing the whole time. Knowing she was pregnant, I didn’t want to squish her so each time I grabbed her wingless body, I’d just try to throw her but she’d keep coming back.

Yep, strange!

The one last night wasn’t as insane as that dream. Again I was pregnant in this dream and I had an idea for my baby shower that I wanted to string up circles cut out of construction paper where I’d write little sayings or thoughts I had for the baby as a keep sake. I had seen something similar online but it was circles with ultrasound pictures from the first, all the way up to the last trimester but I didn’t want to do that (for some reason because I actually like the idea).

I went to my sisters room (I don’t know why she was living with us in the dream) and asked for the paper and her metallic markers. By the time I left the room and got into the living room, my husband had already cut out ultrasound pictures and hung them up and I got so angry because I didn’t want to do that and I began to cry until I realized that I never told him that idea to begin with.

I asked him where he got the idea and he said “Well, my first thought was to have pictures of your breasts hanging up, how they were before pregnancy and how they’ve changed, but I thought this was better since other people will be here.”

He then took an empty picture frame with no backing and held it up to his own chest to frame out his nipple. “Or we could just do mine!” I started laughing and crying at the same time and then woke up.

I can’t really explain either of these dreams but they were so vivid! All I can do right now is hope it’s a good sign – strange, but good.


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