Feeling Good…For Now

I’m half way into my two week wait now, give or take. At this point I’m feeling pretty good and the last week hasn’t dragged on nearly as slowly as I thought it would. Actually, the last four days have gone by rather quickly.

Although it is still too early to feel any true pregnancy symptoms, I continue to over analyze everything before the rational side of my brain kicks in and tells me to stop being so stupid!

Right on time, a few days after I should have ovulated, I began to feel a few PMS symptoms. I’m one of those that gets tender breasts and sore nipples during PMS so it’s not a clear pregnancy indicator for me, which sucks actually. I know it was the first symptom my mom had that alerted her to being pregnant with me and then my sister but no such luck here.

Something to note is some cravings I had the other day. Normally during PMS I crave chocolate milk. It’s more of a NEED than a want. The other day however, I craved watermelon horribly! I like watermelon – it’s pretty good. But I don’t love watermelon and rarely seek it out.

So hubby was kind enough to bring me to the store where I got the watermelon and then I realized that I also wanted tortilla chips and salsa con queso! I picked that up too.

At home, hubby cut the watermelon in half and both he and I devoured it – using spoons to eat out the red juicy flesh because who needs it cut into slices, right? While scooping out spoonfuls of watermelon, I’d eat my chips and salsa in between bites. Mmmm, it was SO good!

Then that was it…the next day I didn’t want either of them and I still have half of a watermelon in the fridge and neglected tortilla chips and salsa…I hate to waste food so I’m hoping that craving will hit again soon, just so I don’t feel bad.

The only other thing that has happened since ovulation is the change in my cervical mucus. It went from being very wet and slippery up to ovulation and now its white and kind of like lotion. I’ve been keeping an eye on it every day and each day that passes I’ve noticed that there is more and more of it. It’s not dry or crumbly at all – actually my vagina is quite wet because of how much there is. It’s like I’m a human lotion dispenser!

I’ve looked it up and there is conflicting views on what cervical mucus is like after ovulation and if changes like this are a very early sign of pregnancy or not. The conclusion I’ve drawn is that every person is different therefore we will never get a solid definitive answer on this. What kind of crap is that?!

Some women do develop a creamy lotion like discharge after ovulation that increases as days go by and they turn out to be pregnant. Some women dry up after ovulation and still turn out to be pregnant. Others get the lotion like mucus and aren’t pregnant.

For women like me that are trying to conceive and look for anything as a sign that we’ve finally done it, answers like this are disappointing and at times we deny them. The truth is, cervical mucus can be a factor and is certainly worth keeping track of, but it is not the only answer and it can be misleading given how diverse we all are.

I will add that out of all of the pages I looked at, all of the forums I’ve scoured, the majority of women that found out they were pregnant did have an increase in cervical mucus that resembled white creamy lotion. It is common but again, it is not a certain thing.

Having said that, I’m holding onto the hope that it could be a sign but I’m not devoting my heart to it. I will continue to track it and see what happens.

On a lighter note, hubby and I cut down our Christmas tree and have it all decorated! I’m looking forward to carrying on with this family tradition when we have a little one to enjoy it with.

Actually, it was rather cute… when we were out looking for our “perfect” tree, we saw another family at the tree farm doing the same and they had this little boy all bundled up, running from tree to tree and so very excited. Every tree was perfect to him and so he pointed each one out before running up to the next. To him these trees were HUGE but in reality, they were only about three to four feet tall.

I told hubby that if our child picks out a small tree that he/she thinks is perfect, we’ll still cut it down and then let them have it in their bedroom to decorate themselves. We’ll still have the family tree in the living room but that little tree will be theirs. We’ll start a new tradition and our child can create the ornaments out of paper and such, though I probably won’t let them have lights on it until they are older and know about fire safety.

I’m very cautiously optimistic right now. I just keep thinking, wouldn’t it be wonderful to find out we’re pregnant just before Christmas? What an unbelievably beautiful present that would be!


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