The first marriage didn’t last long and I did not become pregnant. Why oh why didn’t I pay more attention to the doctor about this PCOS thing… I did my research online and I understood what I read but back then, the “remedy” was weight loss. Lose weight and everything will correct itself…yeah, sure.

At one point I dropped down to 175 pounds in a matter of months. I went from going over a year without a period to having one every three or four months on my own but not consistently. I had a long term boyfriend during this time and still, no pregnancy.

My second marriage is a story in itself. Let’s just say it was five years of hell but despite that, we tried and tried and tried…again, nothing. By this point I had begun to hear rumors of medication that might be able to help.

Metformin was promising for those with PCOS and I had an on again off again relationship with that pill. It did nothing. Actually, I wouldn’t even start my period until I went off the medication!

All that diarrhea for nothing!


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