Follicles of Size

Due to Thanksgiving holiday, I had to go to my specialist an hour away to get my ultrasound done on the 25th. An hour-long drive for a 15 minute appointment…Ugh. But hey, it was worth it.

I arrived at the office and they immediately took me in for my ultrasound. Given it was to measure my follicles, it was transvaginal. Awkward, yes. Uncomfortable at times, yes. There is nothing natural about guiding a long probe into your vagina then having a technician moving it around inside you – pressing and massaging the uterus to get a good picture.

Thankfully I had good news. The Femara looked like it was working. Despite my period ending only two days before hand, my lining was already thickening and I had two dominant follicles, one at 13mm and another just a bit smaller. I also had a few others but not notable. I was ecstatic! Maybe this will work!

I got my blood work done and went home. They called me later that day saying I’d need to have another ultrasound Monday the 28th but this time it would be closer to home at a place I had never been before but with which they work closely with.

Today is the 28th… I did indeed get my ultrasound and more good news – my follicles are now 17.5 and 16.9! Not far left to go! Trigger shot, here I come! I’m just now waiting for a call back to see what I should do next. Do I go for yet another ultrasound or wait a day or so and trigger without it?

But here is my vent for the day because not everything went A-Okay.

I had my blood drawn before my ultrasound and while I’m sitting there with my hubby at my side, the lady that was going to draw my blood tells me that she is the fertility specialist at their office. Now mind you, she had already mentioned how I could have gone there instead of Boston IVF (which is my specialist and happy that they are), but she mentioned it again and I naturally just blew it off.

Next she asked me if I had good veins. I’ve never had problems with blood draws. I have a large vein in each arm right down the middle – no one EVER misses. So, she puts on the tourniquet and says, “Oh, yes you do have good veins.That’s surprising because people like you usually don’t.”

‘People like me’?! What the hell? Go ahead and say what you’re thinking lady. Just come out and say “Fat people” or “Obese people”…either way, is it really necessary to point that out?

Needless to say, I’m not thrilled. I will only deal with them for my blood work and ultrasounds as needed until I get pregnant (if I don’t find another place to go in the meantime) but any thoughts I had before about going to them for OBGYN care, screw that! I may be overweight but I am still a person and you should treat me as such. I know what I weigh and I don’t need you pointing it out.

People like me…seriously. You keep saying crap like that and ‘people like me’ will slap the shit out of you.


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