It would take about a week to get everything in place as far as paperwork was concerned so I was instructed to call back by the end of the next week to get  yet another lab faxed for more blood work to be sure I wasn’t going to start my period. And again, the week dragged on.

Blood work was normal and so that day I was prescribed my first ever round of Femara. I had heard that people with PCOS that tried Clomid without success had great results with Femara and so I was beyond excited to start! After so many years of trying, my doctor doesn’t want to waste time (one of the things I absolutely LOVE about him), and so he started me off on a high dose of 7.5 mg for five days.

My doctor had explained that I didn’t need to start my period before beginning. If the medication is successful then my lining would grow and I’d ovulate and either become pregnant or have my period. To my dismay, three days into the Femara I started spotting. I called the nurse who told me that spotting was okay and to look out for bleeding and clots. By the next day I had just that. I freaked out!

After talking to my doctor, the nurse called me back and told me to continue the Femara another 5 days (ten days total) and to still go in for my blood work and ultrasound to see what the Femara is doing and hopefully I’ll be growing healthy follicles. I specifically asked if this bleeding meant the end of this cycle or could this still work and she told me that it could still work.

My blood work and ultrasound will be done on Friday, November 25th (which also happens to be mine and my hubby’s birthday). I am still bleeding although it has slowed down quite a bit and I am still very anxious and very worried. I am keeping my fingers crossed!


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